Measuring instruments for gas leak detection

Here you will find an overview of measuring instruments from Sewerin for gas leak detection. Our portfolio includes gas warning devices, gas leak detectors, gas concentration measuring devices, multigas meters, combination measuring devices, ethane detectors, odorant measuring instruments, biogas measuring devices and a whole lot more...

product image from Multitec 540

Multitec 540

Multiple gas measuring device with infrared sensors - optimised for biogas and landfill gas

product image from Multitec 545

Multitec 545

Multi-gas measuring device with infrared sensors and extended measuring range for hydrogen sulphide

product image from Multitec 560

Multitec 560

Combined gas warning and measuring device for monitoring processes and personal safety at landfill sites, sewage treatment facilities and biogas plants

product image from BioControl 2

BioControl 2

The entry-level model for automated gas analysis supporting process optimisation

product image from BioControl 4 and 8

BioControl 4 and 8

The premium system for gas analysis and volume measuring supporting professional process optimisation

product image from EX-TEC HS 680 / 660 / 650 / 610

EX-TEC HS 680 / 660 / 650 / 610

Combination measuring devices for gas supply with integrated ethane detector

product image from PORTAFID M3-K


Flame ionisation detectors for inspecting underground gas lines

product image from SR-LD 800 • 200

SR-LD 800 • 200

Safely detecting gas leaks from considerable distances

product image from VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas

VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas

The specialist for leak detection with tracer gas and hydrogen

product image from VARIOTEC 480 / 460 / 450 / 400 EX

VARIOTEC 480 / 460 / 450 / 400 EX

Cost-effective combination measuring devices for gas supply

product image from LaserGasPatroller LGP 800

LaserGasPatroller LGP 800

Vehicle-based solution for the network inspection of underground gas pipes:economical – laser-based – fully automatic

product image from Leakplotter


The intelligent network patrol for maximum safety of networks

product image from VARIOTEC EGA


Simple to use Ethane Gas Analyzer (EGA) for determining the methane, ethane and propanecomponents of a gas sample.

product image from SNOOPER mini


Gas leak detector for leak detection in indoor gas installations

product image from Multitec 520

Multitec 520

Versatile multiple gas warning device for workplace monitoring

product image from FLIS-EX


Fresh air in the pit - inspect pits safely

product image from Automatic Test Sets ATS 503/501

Automatic Test Sets ATS 503/501

The test sets to gas concentration measuring and gas warning devices of the EX-TEC PM 5xx/400 series.

product image from Test sets SPE

Test sets SPE

for testing and adjustment of SEWERIN measuring devices