FERROPHON – FG 150 and FG 150 C generator

Electromagnetic location of metallic pipes AND acoustic location of plastic pipes

The high-performance generators for locating pipelines

During day-to-day locating work it is often the case that the exact location of pipelines is not known. This can be due to planning documents being lost or incomplete documentation following new installations or changes to the position of the pipelines. However, the position of all of the pipelines must be known to be able to locate leaks accurately or to prevent damage to the valuable pipeline infrastructure when completing excavation work. The generators of the FERROPHON system are always an indispensable aid when pipelines need to be located.


FERROPHON® – FG 150 generator

The specialist for the electromagnetic location of metallic pipes

The FG 150 generator is designed for the electromagnetic location of pipes. It can be used to directly or indirectly energize electro-conductive pipes. The FG 150 has an output of up to 50 W, making it ideal for extreme locating ranges.

Thanks to the strong performance parameters, the FG 150 generator perfectly complements all receivers from the UT 9200/9100/930, FERROPHON® and UtiliTrac systems.


FERROPHON® – FG 150 C generator

Suitable for universal use

The FG 150 C generator can be used to locate pipes using electromagnetic and acoustic methods. The electromagnetic location of pipes functions in the same way as that of the FG 150 generator.

For this task combining the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver, TS 200 carrying rod und BM 200 or BM 230 ground microphone is recommended.


The benefits of the FERROPHON® FG 150/FG 150 C

  • direct or indirect energizing of electrically inductive pipes
  • acoustic localization of plastic pipes using Strikers/Stoppers (FG 150 C)
  • powerful generator with up to 50 W output power
  • ten preset frequencies (512 Hz – 116 kHz)
  • five individual frequencies adjustable (200 Hz  - 116 kHz)
  • remote controllable (FG 150 C)
  • suitable for the receivers of the systems AQUAPHON®, FERROPHON®, UtiliTrac and UT 9200/9100/930