Safety made easy!

Ergonomic mobile gas warning device

The EX-TEC® PM 400 is a mobile gas warning device that reliably warns plumbers, staff from utility companies, network operators, fire services and other technical staff of dangerous gas concentrations. The compact device is available with various sensors and, even in its most basic version, allows you to monitor flammable gases. The range of gases that can be detected make the EX-TEC® PM 400 versatile in practice – even for out-of-the-ordinary applications. For example, the EX-TEC® PM 400 warns of leaks in gas and heating line plants or acetylene welding systems. The device also enables safety calibration with nonane. It can further be used to check that there is no gas in aviation fuel tanks.

Ergonomics that makes your work easier

Once you have worked with the EX-TEC® PM 400, you won’t want to put it down. The device with non-slip, rubberised housing fits securely in your hand. Thanks to the high-contrast screen with razor-sharp display, it is easy to read, even in bright sunlight. You can access all device functions via the handy 4-key control panel (2 arrow keys, menu key, Enter key). Another plus point for ease of use: the separate on/off key does not perform any other function.

With all extras fitted, the EX-TEC® PM 400 can detect up to four different types of gas. Optional sensors are fitted in the factory before delivery. A selection function allows you to specify the calibration for various flammable gases.