Water pipe network inspection

Always play it safe! Rely on our expertise and our well qualified specialists in the inspection of your water pipe network. The shorter delays associated with quickly locating and repairing leaks guarantees you security of supply and cost-effectiveness while minimizing the hazard potential of subterranean erosion. Make the most important element that we consume - water - safe and secure over the long term. We offer:

  • Certified, licensed company in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) regulation W 491-1 (A)
  • Use of certified specialists in accordance with DVGW regulation DVGW W 491-2 (H)
  • Electro-acoustic methods
  • Correlation analysis using the SeCorr® method
  • Flow analysis - recording of overnight minimum consumption levels and determination of specific water losses
  • Use of mobile PC technology in the measuring vehicles
  • Measuring vehicles in use throughout Germany
  • If needed, measuring technicians are available at any time for special service
  • 24 hour availability by telephone in case of a malfunction, even on weekends
  • Complete documentation of all work

Indoor water installations:

Specially trained personnel for locating damage


  • Cold and hot water pipes
  • Heating pipes
  • Floor heating installations
  • Underground pipes


  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Other sites


  • Highly sensitive microphones
  • Correlators
  • Thermography cameras
  • Pressurisation equipment
  • Tracer gas technology
  • Electronic pipe detectors


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