Electro-acoustic water leak detection: professional – flexible – intelligent

Ideal for detecting leaks in water pipe networks

When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro-acoustic means, the hearing and experience of the user are paramount. The AQUAPHON®  system supports and simplifies this detection process thanks to the outstanding quality of its microphone and measuring technology, intelligent analysis functions and the practical, visual representation of results on the display. 

Most reliable leak detection ever

This cutting-edge system offers comfortable, wireless handling, ease of use, versatility and a sturdy, ergonomic design. The AQUAPHON® system is ideal for both the prelocation and pinpointing of leaks for confident excavation. It is suitable for all your leak detection challenges and will help you locate leaks safely and reliably. 

The measurement principle

The water flowing out of the leak in the pipeline causes the pipeline material to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted throughout the line and can be picked up as structure-borne noise, even at distant contact points such as fittings. The vibrations are also transmitted up through the ground to the surface as ground-borne noise, although this is very muted. The AQUAPHON® system is your perfect companion for leak detection as it makes the vibrations audible to the human ear and records and visually displays the volume and frequency spectrum.

Flexible use 

  • Thanks to the high protection class (IP67) of the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver, you’ll always be on the safe side, even in extreme environmental conditions. The receiver is impervious to dirt, dust and moisture. The TM 200 touch microphone used for prelocation can even be used continuously under water (IP68).

  • The symmetrical housing of the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver, means that it can be operated by both right-handed and left-handed users with ease.

  • You can see everything at a glance: The clear 5.7 inch receiver display shows the current acoustic intensity both in a graph and as a numeric value. Alongside, you can see the previous values for comparison purposes, as well as the current frequency analysis of the noise.
  • A full charge of the integrated Li-Ion rechargeable battery in the AQUAPHON® A 200receiver, F6 wireless headphones and TS 200 carrying rod is enough for a full day’s work.
  • Work effortlessly and ergonomically. The TS 200 carrying rod with its balanced, ergonomic design fits snugly into your hand. The flexible carrying system for the receiver with two cross belts can be adjusted individually and enables various carrying positions.

Now with enhanced functions:

Pinpointing of leaks

The AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver is also available to buy with an optional integrated module for positioning. The GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module stores the current user position when a leak noise is identified. This means the exact geographic position of the leak can be associated with the noise, making it available for documentation at a later date. Noises stored temporarily in the audio player can also be subsequently associated with the appropriate location data once the measurement has been stored.

Optimised filter settings

Set the upper and lower filter limits simply and easily by clicking on the graphical representation of the leak noise. Alternatively, manual fine setting in 50 Hz steps is also possible. Select the required filter limit by pressing the key and then set the figure precisely.

Documentation with WaterCom software

Measurements saved in an A 200, C 200 or AC 200 receiver can be transferred quickly and easily to a computer via USB. Just connect the receiver to the computer via cable and the measuring data will be transferred automatically. It is possible to set up different user and customer data sets in the software. The position of the location for each measurement is shown on an online map (e.g. Google Maps). The locations on the map can be edited, meaning the exact position of the radio transmitter or damage detected by the ground microphone can be pinpointed exactly. It is also possible to add notes to any measurement or point of damage. The software can generate PDFs to produce paper documentation of any measurements.
Noises which have been recorded can be played back using the player integrated into WaterCom. If the software is used regularly to save measurements, it will start to build up a useful noise database. This can then be used, for example, to train new starters in leak detection in what to listen out for.

AQUAPHON® A 200 water leak detector - Tutorial Trailer

AQUAPHON® A 200 water leak detector - Unboxing

AQUAPHON® A 200 water leak detector - How to operate the AQUAPHON® A 200 system

AQUAPHON® A 200 water leak detector - The display and functions

AQUAPHON® A 200 water leak detector - How to prelocate and pinpoint a leak in a distribution main.