SeViRO - locate plastic piping safely with Sewerin vibration pipe detection

For operators of pipe networks with plastic pipes, the SeViRO offers optimum detection results when the pipe path is unknown. This acoustic method is suitable for detecting pipes filled with liquids or gases.

Required for detection is a contact point to the medium that already exists or can be made at a known position on the pipe.

At this point, a hydrophone (sensor for waterborne sounds) or a microphone (sensor for airborne sounds) is installed. The noise sensors are inserted into the respective medium, i.e. directly into the pipe. In the suspect section of the respective pipe, so-called "acoustic cross-cutting" is generated at the surface.

To do this, a vibrator is moved incrementally along determined measuring lines from one side of the line path to the other. The vibrate oscillates at a defined frequency, generating structure-borne noise.

The noise of the vibrator is transmitted through the soil and the medium in the pipe to the noise sensor.
At the intersection of the measuring line and the line path, the energy transferred from the vibrator to the pipe is at a maximum. Connecting the maximum of several measuring lines yields the line path.


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