Gas detection without a guide

The SeCuRi® SAT system makes gas leak detection both efficient and cost-effective. The perfect combination of a gas leak detector, graphic software and a GPS satellite receiver offers many benefits:

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the gas leak detector from a laptop
  • Pipe network inspection in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) regulations G 465 ff. and G 466 f.
  • Overview of the inspected routes in the route manager
  • Digital creation of fault sketches
  • Automatic, complete documentation of date, time, coordinates and value displayed on the gas leak detector

Invented and patented by Hermann Sewerin GmbH more than 15 years ago and improved by continuous further developments, the SeCuRi® SAT set today's standard in pipe network surveying. With this system, the user can operate the gas leak detector easily and intuitively, while simultaneously examining and editing the digital map system. For utility companies, this significantly reduces both the work involved before and after the network survey and the costs as well because no guide is required.

Moreover, using the SeCuRi® SAT ensures complete documentation, from checking the sensitivity of the gas leak detector on a daily basis and listing uninspected house connections and faults in the pipe network to project evaluation.


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