Listening Stick W50

The listening Stick is the universal device for pre-locating leaks in water fittings and pipes

  • Robust design, made of stainless steel
  • Particularly sturdy attachment of the listening stick on the stethoscope
  • Excellent sound transmission
  • Mechanical sound amplification, no batteries required

Delivery contents:

  • Listening Stick W50
  • two extension rods, one probe tip (total length 170 cm)
  • transport case


Pre-locating leaks

Using the listening stick W50, leaks in pipe systems can be effectively isolated to one pipe section.

To do this, the listening stick is attached before use. Thanks to the supplied extensions, the length of the listening stick can be individually adjusted.

For pre-location, position the probe tip directly on a fitting or the pipe. The sound can be heard with the ear on the listening stick. In order to isolate the leak, the listening stick is placed in different positions on the pipe. The area between two contact points with the greatest sound intensity marks the approximate location of the leak.

The exact position can then be determined with an AQUAPHON®.