Device servicing

Mobile device maintenance service

To ensure the operational safety of precision measuring devices, regular maintenance and service are essential. Only in this way can proper, continuous function be guaranteed. 
However, maintenance and service do not mean that devices cannot be used for long periods because they must be sent to the manufacturer.

As early as 1986, Sewerin already offered customers a mobile device maintenance service for checking a majority of the devices on site and carrying out small repairs as well. Eight service vehicles are now being used throughout Germany, coordinated from the headquarters in Gütersloh.

Maintenance contracts between device users and Sewerin form the basis of this support offered by the mobile device maintenance service. These agreements arrange for both maintenance intervals and the respective number of devices to be checked. This on site service is also available even without a maintenance agreement.

Centralized device maintenance service

Would you like to send in your devices for repair or bring them in yourself? The address of our service location is:

Hermann Sewerin GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 3
33334 Gütersloh
Tel.: +49 5241 934-0
E-Mail: service[at]

If you would like to send in your devices for repair you may also use our repair form.

Please see below for pdf download

Repair form