Does cheap also mean cost-effective?

In all purchasing decisions, even when buying services, you have to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the various offers. In this current age of price dumping, more than price should be considered when evaluating the service provider. Significant components of an offer, some of which may be missing, should not be overlooked due to pricing.

In the particular case of a gas pipeline network inspection service, for example, it makes sense to compare the following aspects of an offer:

  • Price per km (because a network survey cannot be economically streamlined, very low prices often indicate that the test speed in detection is too high. Only tests made at a slow pace guarantee safe results!)
  • Which equipment technology will be used? How old are the devices to be used? Will FID or semiconductor technology be used?
  • How extensively are the vehicles equipped, also with respect to workplace safety?
  • Are regular quality checks of the on site employees ensured?
  • How extensively and intensively are employees educated and trained? How good and how safe are they in practice, particularly with respect to pinpointing quality?
  • Are the gas leak detection specialists to be paid during downtime due to rain?