SR-LD 800 • 200

Safely detecting gas leaks from considerable distances

Increasing efficiency and safety

Checking household connections even across a fence and effortlessly detecting gas pipelines under bridges – these are typical application situations in which the SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200 make your work more efficient and safer. Additionally, all parts of a biogas plant can be checked for leaks without much effort.

Safely detecting small leaks, too
The excellent resolution of the measurement laser provides the devices with a high degree of sensitivity. The SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200 have been designed for the detection of methane gas and are not impacted by cross-influences from other gases, thanks to the TDLAS methods that are used.

Quickly operational and lengthy use
Both long-distance detectors are very compact, lightweight and user-friendly. The devices are charged in merely 2.5 hours and are then ready to use at any time with a back-up battery also being provided. Automatic adjustment of the measurement lasers takes place conveniently in the case. 

  • Up to 200 m range
  • Up to 13 hours operating time
  • High degree of sensitivity, thanks to measurement resolution of up to 2.5 ppm*m
  • High accuracy using aiming sight
  • Safe detection based on updating the zero point