The intelligent network patrol for maximum safety of networks

A leakplotter vehicle basically consists of the following components: the suction unit with bells for collecting samples, the measuring technology with FID and oxidiser, the notebook with the software controlled operating and documentation unit, and the option for GPS documentation along with the test set for automatic adjustments. These components are built into the vehicle.

For many years, in countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, the CIS states (former Soviet republics), Hungary and China, in addition to checking for gas leaks by foot, gas leak detection has also been carried out with leakplotters and technology "Made by SEWERIN".
Section 3.2.2 of DVGW regulation G 465/I (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) for inspecting gas pipelines requires that electrical connections for lights be inspected at the same time as the supply pipes. In section 4.2., the defined method is at a "slow pedestrian pace" and includes "pausing at the house wall (...) for approx. 5 seconds".
The use of a leakplotter questions these regulations. Because the regulation also requires "unscheduled inspection measures" in the winter or introduces the concept of "influences in the area of the gas line path", the use of leakplotters continues to be discussed.