Automatic Test Sets ATS 503/501

The test sets to gas concentration measuring and gas warning devices of the EX-TEC PM 5xx/400 series.

The test sets ATS 503 and ATS 501 can be used to carry out device inspections and adjustments to gas concentration measuring devices EX-TEC® PM 580, 550, 500 and 400 reliably and extremely efficiently.

The ATS test set can be operated in three modes:
If the test set is operated in Automatic operating mode, all the device inspections that are due will be performed automatically as soon as a device is inserted into the test set that is switched on. Only the device condition subtest must be completed manually by the user. If the Timer operating mode is selected, the device inspections start at a freely adjustable time.
If a measuring device fails the device inspection, adjustment can also be carried out automatically from the test set in these two operating modes.
In the Manual operating mode, the user starts the device inspection by pressing the key. The device inspection can be performed in two variants for the gas warning range: using a test gas and time-saving bump test or with an indication accuracy test.

Because the rechargeable batteries for the measuring devices are automatically charged in the test set, a device that stays in an ATS in the Timer operating mode overnight is ready for use within a very short time the next morning.

All the device inspections performed by the test set are stored as protocols both in the test set and in the device, making it easy to understand.