SEWERIN test gas cans:

Test gases are used to calibrate SEWERIN's gas leak detectors.
Like aerosols or spray tins of paint, they are categorised as a pressurised gas packaging according to UN 1950. These packagings are characterised by a maximum volume of one litre and a maximum pressure of 12 bar. As they comprise a "limited volume", there is no problem with sending them by mail.

Designed to be disposable, SEWERIN test gas cans ensure simple handling when used with SEWERIN's SPE test sets. They are made of high-quality aluminium, which makes recycling worthwhile. The "Green Dot" marking, which will be applied from now on, means that users can simply discard the test gas cans for recycling in a yellow rubbish bag or the yellow bin once the tin is empty.

In the case of technically difficult gases such as hydrogen sulphide, odorants or ammonia, it is becoming increasingly difficult to realise small tolerances. This also applies when concentrations become smaller. Reactive gases are less stable, i.e. the concentration is reduced more quickly, and the tolerance can only be guaranteed for the period of time specified.

This is why the label is equipped with a machine-generated "content certificate". This provides information about the gas composition, stability period, a sort of expiry date and the manufacturing accuracy, i.e. the expected tolerance for which compliance is guaranteed. The information on the content certificate fundamentally complies with the normative requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, the safety data sheet can be easily retrieved via the Internet using a QR code.

The content certificate meets the documentation specifications laid down by the certification authorities such as Dekra/EXAM, DMG or TÜV relating to test gases for gas warning devices.

SEWERIN is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the ATEX directive. The test gas cans are only filled from supply gas cylinders containing gas mixtures with a certificate of analysis complying with DIN EN ISO 6141. The process for filling the test gas cans is subject to quality and process monitoring.

SEWERIN test gas cans