Savings of In-House Leak Detection in the Village of Howard

A report from Montana, USA; by Sally Carothers / Leak Locators of Montana


Water leak detection is a growing business. Working with municipalities to resolve non-revenue water loss is not about business, it is about results.  

Lead Water Operator Cole Yerina with Howard, Wisconsin Public Works Department, says doing leak detection themselves is their preferred method, 

“. . our biggest thing is being able to do leak detection in-house.  When I started, we weren’t doing leak detection, but had it sub’ed out.  Allowing us to be able to use a device is our biggest change.  Just the ease of being able to do it ourselves cut down on water loss cuz of the time factor.  Instead of waiting for someone else to come find our leaks, we just do it.” 

In addition to ongoing leak detection, Cole uses the SEWERIN SeCorrPhon AC 200 to conduct regular leak surveys.  Saving time and money is important for the Village of Howard, Cole recounts, ‘The 120 miles of pipe as well as 10,000 services and valves are listened to in a leak survey in only six weeks!’   

Cole’s tool of choice is the Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC 200 Complete Kit.  The AC 200 is a combination acoustic microphone and correlator, allowing the operator to seamlessly switch between correlating and acoustic microphone functions.   The AC 200 also records and stores leak noises which is useful in the field or for further study back in the office.  The sound files can also be transferred to a computer for future reference or review. 

The AC 200 streamlines the leak detection process by offering three functions in one tool:  locating, correlating, and pinpointing.  After a contact survey with the acoustic microphone, the correlator confirms the location of the leak.  Then the acoustic mic is used to pinpoint and verify the correlation results of the leak location.   

This combination of processes allows you to locate leaks regardless of ambient conditions and in various scenarios, providing the operator of the AC 200 greater flexibility. 

“Another advantage is the versatility of the machine, the AC 200.  You can ground mic, listen down on valves, fittings, curb stops or in buildings.  Every situation is a little different.  You can hear the leak on the curb stop outside the home, then pinpoint with the ground mic.”  Cole Yerina 

Cole sums up the AC 200 by saying, “As a package, it’s an all-around great tool for all the different situations you get into.” 

Credit:  Cole Yerina, Lead Water Operator, Howard, Wisconsin Public Works Dept 

Picture Credit: Michael Carothers, Leak and Training Specialist, Sewerin Sales Representative; Cole Yerina, Lead Water Operator, Howard, Wisconsin Public Works Dept