BioControl 2

Entrada na otimização e controlo automatizados do processo

Multitec® BioControl is the ideal system for the continuous  automatic measurement and monitoring of the composition of  gas: simple, safe and efficient. Be it in a biogas plant, landfill,  wastewater treatment plant or even a composting plant – the  unique device combination of a stationary unit and mobile gas  measuring device offers a cost-effective and easy switch to  process optimisation and control.

The BioControl 2 fulfils the main measuring requirements of all  small to medium-sized plants: it saves time and money, it is  user-friendly and flexibly customisable. For plant manufacturers  the BioControl 2 is an option that offers high quality  technology at a very reasonable price.

The Multitec® BioControl system consists of the permanently  installed, fixed BioControl 2 device and a mobile gas  measuring device. Depending on your unique requirements, you  can choose between the Multitec® 540 or the Multitec® 545  mobile measuring device.

Operating principle

The BioControl 2, with its two gas sample inputs, offers all you need to automatically and thus effortlessly measure the exact gas composition in a plant from a stationary position. The system allows reliable data storage and continuous monitoring. For example, the first stationary measurement location can continuously monitor the gas composition at the motor while the second stationary measurement location is used e.g. for calibration purposes with test gas. The mobile measuring device, on the other hand, can be easily used for infinite manual measurements at remote parts of the plant at irregular intervals.

Data can be transferred via LAN, or optionally by Modbus, Profibus or Profinet. The alarm relay can be freely configured via the touchscreen.


  • Module-based concept (one mobile and one stationary measuring device, easy maintenance due to measuring technology installed in mobile device)

  • Data communication with superordinate control and remote operation based on several interfaces
  • Individual configuration according to specific requirements
  • Reliable measurement results due to permanent self tests under normal operation and automatic calibration with test gas
  • User friendly operating concept with menu navigation
  • Autonomous and regular storage of all measurement data and settings on USB flash drive
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostic via internet possible
  • 7" high-resolution colour touchscreen
  • Settings protected by password