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Besuchen Sie uns auf der Tausendwasser im Filmpark Babelsberg in Potsdam.27. - 28.03.2019Stand 201/202 sewerin Facebook image

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Visit us at the WWETT Show in Indiana:Booth 3033https://www.wwettshow.com sewerin Facebook image

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Unkaputtbar! - Indestructible! sewerin Facebook image

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we proudly present:SePem 300 - unseren neuen Geräuschlogger zur stationären Überwachung von Wasserrohrnetzen......Ermitteln Sie Leckagen in ihrem Wasserrohrnetz per Fernüberwachung. Der Versand der ermittelten Messdaten erfolgt sicher und bequem per Roaming überall dort, wo sich ein Mobilfunknetz* befindet. mehr Infos: https://www.sewerin.com/cms/de/unsere-produkte/einzelansicht/sepem-300.html sewerin Facebook image

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SePem 300

The new noise logger for the stationary monitoring of water pipe networks read more

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Besuchen Sie uns auf der Messe EuroTier/Energy Decentral vom 13. bis 16. November in Hannover in Halle 25, Stand L24.Visit us at the traide fair EuroTier/Energy Decentral in Hannover. From 13th until 16th November in hall 25, booth L24. sewerin Facebook image

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Besuchen Sie uns auf der gat/wat 2018 im CityCube in Berlin und erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Produktneuheiten! sewerin Facebook image

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wir stellen ein:Buchhalter (m/w)https://www.sewerin.com/cms/fileadmin/redakteure/images/Jobs/Stellenausschreibung_Buchhalter.pdf sewerin Facebook image

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Wir suchen für unsere Abteilung Forschung und Technologie-Entwicklung einen:Physiker oder Diplomingenieur (m/w)https://www.sewerin.com/cms/fileadmin/redakteure/images/Jobs/Stellenausschreibung_Physiker.pdf sewerin Facebook image

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+++ WGC 2018 +++The winner of today´s draw is: Thilagar Babu from Gail Bhawan, India. Enjoy the Cooler! sewerin Facebook image

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+++ WGC 2018 +++Today´s winner of the SEWERIN Cooler is: Charles E. TaylorCongratulations!!! sewerin Facebook image

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+++ AWWA ACE Convention 2018 +++And the next lucky winner is:Craig Barnes from LADWPEnjoy the Cooler! sewerin Facebook image

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+++ AWWA ACE Conference 2018 +++Today´s winner of the C3 Cooler Rover is:William Peffley from CMT Engineers and ConsultingCongartulations!!! sewerin Facebook image

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+++ Virtueller Rundgang über den SEWERIN-Messestand +++Keine Zeit gehabt, selbst zur Messe zu gehen oder Lust, sich noch einmal in Ruhe auf unserem Messestand umzusehen?Dann erleben Sie unseren Messestand auf der IFAT 2018 hautnah bei einem virtuellen Rundgang.https://www.sewerin.com/cms/de/infothek/mediathek/virtueller-messestand.html sewerin Facebook image

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Wie Sie bestimmt schon wissen, verändert sich gerade unser Datenschutzsystem. Die Sicherheit Ihrer Daten und mehr Transparenz sind uns wichtig. Deswegen haben wir unsere Datenschutzerklärung aktualisiert. Weitere Informationen zu den Datenschutzrichtlinien, zu unserer Datenschutzerklärung und dazu, inwiefern Sie betroffen sind, finden Sie auf unserer Websitehttps://www.sewerin.com/cms/de/kontakt/datenschutz.html sewerin Facebook image

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Martin Wagner zum Gewinn unseres 4. von 5 SEWERIN RC Coolern! sewerin Facebook image

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Und auch der 3. von 5 Sewerin RC Coolern hat einen neuen Besitzer: wir gratulieren Joachim Theys sewerin Facebook image

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Der Gewinner des 2. von 5 Sewerin RC Coolern steht fest: Adolf LukenederWir gratulieren sehr herzlich! sewerin Facebook image

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Klein und handlich trifft Premium-Mikrofontechnik kompakt – universell – verlässlich...Erstmals auf der IFAT präsentieren wir unser neues Produkt: das AQUAPHON A 150https://www.sewerin.com/cms/de/unsere-produkte/einzelansicht/aquaphon-a-150.html sewerin Facebook image

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Wir gratulieren Timo Märtens zum Gewinn des 1. von 5 Sewerin RC Coolern. Mitmachen lohnt sich noch 😉 sewerin Facebook image

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Dr. Swen Sewerin und Andreas Schweitzer überreichen Dr. Auma Obama eine Spende für ihre Stiftung Sauti Kuu. sewerin Facebook image

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Auch Leaky ist auf der IFAT und verschenkt eine kleine Überraschung 🙄 sewerin Facebook image

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1.Tag IFAT München. Besuchen Sie uns in Halle C1 Stand 105/204 und gewinnen Sie einen RC Cooler sewerin Facebook image

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https://www.sewerin.com/cms/fileadmin/redakteure/images/Jobs/Stellenausschreibung_Physiker.pdf sewerin Facebook image

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Gütersloher Landtagsabgeordneter Raphael Tigges zu Besuch bei Hermann Sewerin GmbHhttps://www.sewerin.com/cms/de/infothek/news/detailansicht/article/guetersloher-landtagsabgeordneter-raphael-tigges-zu-besuch-bei-sewerin.html sewerin Facebook image

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Two new products from Sewerin for professional water leak detection

The SeCorr® C 200 and SeCorrPhon AC 200 working in conjunction for perfect water leak detection: easy-to-read measurement value display and automated filter selection read more

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news-icon 1. June 2016

Leaky video of the new AQUAPHON A 50

The Leaky video of our new AQUAPHON A 50 is now online! read more

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news-icon 24. May 2016

AQUAPHON® A 50 – the reasonable, entry-level model for professional acoustic water leak detection

New system with compact, handy receiver for prelocating and pinpointing leaks.Just in time for the opening of IFAT – the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, 30 May - 3 June 2016 in Munich – Hermann Sewerin GmbH launches a new system for professional electro-acoustic leak detection: the AQUAPHON® A 50. The small, lightweight and compact A 50 receiver has everything you need to electro-acoustically locate leaks in water pipe networks. read more

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news-icon 17. May 2016

Anniversary IFAT 2016: SEWERIN Group presents new water leak detector

The Gütersloh-based SEWERIN Group will be providing a complete overview of its range of products and services at this year’s anniversary IFAT in Munich. The place to be for visitors is the large stand in hall A5, stand No. 317/416. This is where the SEWERIN exhibition team will be presenting the complete range of gas and water leak detection and pipe and cable detection products. The highlight of this year’s presentation is a new entry-level system for professional water leak detection. The public will have the opportunity to experience the unique features of the new system first-hand. read more

news-icon 21. March 2016

Meet the SEWERIN sales office team

We all know that behind every successful man is a strong woman. And behind the “frontmen” on the SEWERIN field sales team are six strong women and an equally strong man who are responsible for processing the individual orders, be it for new equipment or repair and maintenance services. Under the leadership of Karen Balke-Fechner, each of the six sales engineers... read more

news-icon 18. March 2016

New SEWERIN sales staff

Two members of the SEWERIN sales team are currently awaiting the joys of motherhood: sales consultant Nina Klein and the assistant to sales manager Andreas Schweitzer, Anna Blasius. Both have been on maternity leave since November 2015. read more

news-icon 16. March 2016

New product video COMBIPHON

Watch our latest video on youtube! Locating plastic pipes acoustically - How the AQUAPHON A 200 and the COMBIPHON operate together seamlessly read more

news-icon 30. March 2015

Positive results from WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2015

In this year, too, we can look back on a very successful appearance at the WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL. As well as providing an excellent platform for the exchange of information with customers, the fair also helps establishing read more

news-icon 24. March 2015

Wasser Berlin International 2015

Today the Wasser Berlin International 2015 opens its doors. For the next four days we will be your contact relating to water leak detection and pipe location. Visit us at our new exhibition stand in hall 3.2, booth No. 319. read more

news-icon 17. February 2015

Professional article on the subject of "Leak detection by correlation"

How does sound velocity influence the result of a correlation measurement and how can the pinpointing accuracy of a correlation be improved? The press release published by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dirk Becker explains it in detail. read more

news-icon 22. July 2014

IFAT Munich: Springboard to global markets

For five days at the beginning of May the Neue Messe in Munich was once again given over entirely to environmental technologies. And 2014 proved to be a record-breaking year: With more than 135,000 visitors, almost half of them from overseas, more people than ever were eager to discover the latest trends in technologies that address environmental and climate challenges. read more

news-icon 22. July 2014

GAT 2014 in Karlsruhe: Back again this year

Last year SEWERIN was forced to pull out of the GAT trade fair in Nuremberg due to a clash of dates. However, the Gütersloh-based company will be back again for the this year's event read more

news-icon 18. July 2014

Innovative, scalable vehicle concepts: From the City measuring vehicle to the new 7.5 t class – service, detection and measuring vehicles from Gütersloh

Depending on the size and structure of their networks, companies operating in the gas and water supply industry may have very different needs as regards the size and equipment features of their service and leak detection vehicles. Economic considerations are also an important factor when it comes to choosing a particular vehicle class. After all, any vehicle ties up a significant amount of capital in terms of purchase and maintenance costs for quite some time.SEWERIN SERVICE GmbH has been working with its customers in the public utilities sector since the mid-1990s to develop tailor-made vehicle concepts. read more

news-icon 26. June 2013

Successful participation in WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL and the WASsERLEBEN public exhibition

The international water industry has been meeting at the Berlin exhibition halls for WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL every other year for 50 years now. The last four days of April this year were marked by an increased international dimension in the form of both visitors and exhibitors. read more

news-icon 26. June 2013

BiogasWorld 2013: Looking towards Eastern Europe

In parallel to WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL, the second BiogasWorld was held in hall 20 of the Berlin show grounds. Unlike the biogas conference of the biogas professional association, this event was primarily geared towards companies from the biogas industry, who focus on exporting their technologies and services abroad. read more

news-icon 25. June 2013

Service: Wide range of network inspection packages

The SEWERIN network inspection division’s extensive range of services for public and industrial pipe network operators is based on 80 years of experience. One invaluable advantage for practical work is the regular feedback from those carrying out network inspections to SEWERIN’s product management. read more

news-icon 25. June 2013

Vehicle customisation

Measuring vehicle delivered for water loss analysisIn April 2013 a new measuring vehicle for water loss analysis was handed over to the Bottrop-based executive board of Rheinisch-Westfälische Wasserwerks-GmbH (RWW GmbH), in Gütersloh.A VW Crafter with high roof and long wheelbase was used. Behind the driver and passenger area is an... read more

news-icon 25. June 2013

SEWERIN staff baptise their mascot

All of a sudden the little man appeared: in an animation about the AquaTest T10, a cartoon character developed from the symbol in the SEWERIN logo known as “Pacman” explains how to use this electroacoustic water leak detector. read more

news-icon 25. June 2013

YouTube and Facebook

Social media for brand and product loyaltySEWERIN has been present on social networks since spring 2013. Three product videos have so far been presented on our own YouTube channel, and this figure will continue to grow. read more

news-icon 12. November 2012

Cooperation between Hermann Sewerin GmbH and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Technology for reducing water losses - Drinking water is scarce in Peru. At present more than 20 per cent of all Peruvians have no access to drinking water and large sections of the population are supplied with water for only a few hours each day. The reasons for this lie partly in the dry climate in the densely populated costal region, and partly in the ageing pipeline system. In many Peruvian towns and cities, leaks in the water supply systems ... read more

news-icon 25. October 2012

SEWERIN – Work in Peru presented to World Bank committee

Washington – Following the launch event in autumn 2011, the German Water Partnership (GWP) continued the dialogue at a symposium in mid-September attended by representatives of more than 40 international organisations and delegates from GWP member companies. The theme of both events was “Water and Innovation, Solutions for Development – The German Experience”. read more

news-icon 1. March 2012

Sewerin Information Offensive 2012

Any observant media user will surely have spotted them: the little squares with the seemingly random arrangement of black and white dots. Their use is growing all the time - in adverts and on billboards, admission cards and flight tickets, to name just a few examples. These QR codes or quick-response codes are revolutionising the distribution and processing of information. Since the start of 2012 Gütersloh-based Hermann Sewerin GmbH has been using QR codes in its trade adverts. read more