Our customer feedback from GasNet!

  1. How long has the detection vehicle been used in your company? 

We started using the LGP 800 gas leak detection vehicle in 2021. In the old days we used the older Leaklotter system from SEWERIN, which helped us to significantly reduce the number of leaks on the network in those times. 

However, we subsequently started to carry out inspection by foot patrol only using the SEWERIN EX-TEC® HS 680 and EX-TEC® PM 4 gas leak detectors in recent years we have also been using EX-TEC® PM 580 detectors, returning to vehicles in 2021. 


  1. What are the benefits of using th LaserGasPatroller 800? 

With the detection vehicle we are able to inspect a larger extent of the distribution network in a shorter period of time, we are using the vehicles at the moment to inspect pipelines primarily in villages and smaller towns where pipeline construction work was carries out after 1990 and where the pipes are mostly made of plastic with low leakage rates. We continue to walk the remaining portions of the larger town center network and old steel pipelines using EX-TEC® HS 680 detectors for area inspection. Some inspectors may also find it more convenient to use a vehicle instead of walking. 


  1. Why did you choose the Sewerin detection vehicle? 

We have a long-standing relationship with the SEWERIN brand. All the handheld detectors we currently use are from SEWERIN, both the EX-TEC® HS 680 for area detection as well as the EX-TEC® PM 580 or the older model EX-TEC® PM 4. We will now also be using SEWERIN detectors from the VARIOTEC® series for hydrogen localization. A great advantage is the service background with Line Control s.r.o., being able to provide a fast and comprehensive service both on hardware and very good software support.