Our Customer Feedback from eg.d!

  1. How long has the LaserGasPatroller 800 been used in your company? 

We started using a detection vehicle around 2010. The first vehicle was equipped with the SEWERIN Leakplotter system, then, in 2016, we switched to the newer type of laser sensor equipped detector, the LGP 800 system. 

  1. What are the benefits of using the LaserGasPatroller 800? 

Thanks to the detection vehicle, we are able to inspect a larger section of the distribution system in a shorter period of time, this allows us to carry out this inspection several times per year in sections where there is a greater potential for leaks. With our human capacities, such an inspection on foot using a hand-held detector would not be possible. We regularly adjust and update the network information where to go with the vehicle and where by foot. Sites that are not passable by vehicle are inspected conventionally on foot using a carpet probe detector. 

  1. Why did you choose a Sewerin detection vehicle? 

SEWERIN offers excellent value for money. In the time we have been using the new detector, i.e. since 2016, we have only changed consumables (filters, tubing) within the system, but even the initial investment has been more than acceptable compared to other systems on the market. The local representative of SEWERIN, Line Control s.r.o., offers a very comprehensive service and is able to carry out repairs directly at our premises in a very short time. Last but not least, it is the software we have learned to work with and for which we are provided with local support in English.