New firmware EX-TEC® PM 5x0/400

This week, the first EX-TEC® PM 5x0/400 will be delivered with the latest firmware version 1.100! This firmware is fully compatible with the GasCom software from version V1.3.0 and the ATS 503/501 test devices with firmware version V1.100. There is limited compatibility for older versions of the GasCom software and the ATS 503/501. 

With the new firmware, automatic recording of measurements is now possible. Function tests of the same day can be accepted and the guided function test can be carried out at any time, even if it is deactivated in the GasCom software. However, if the guided function test is deactivated, due dates are not displayed. 

The number of function checks and records that can be saved has been increased to 500 each. The display of function test logs for the device and the ATS 503/501 test device has been standardized. Users can now decide whether or not the oldest logs should be deleted automatically when the memory is full. 

The number of possible users has been increased to 100 and the user list display is now available. The stability of the zero point in the building application has been optimized.  

For EX-TEC@ PM 400 with the gas type Nonan, the adjustment and sensitivity test is now performed with 0.28 vol% C9H20 in synthetic air, whereby the substitute test gas remains unchanged. 

In addition, an automatic or manual key lock is possible, a new symbol for data exchange has been introduced and the display of the remaining battery capacity has been optimized.