Electro-acoustic water leak detection: professional – flexible – intelligent
AQUAPHON® A 100 receiver for electro-acoustic water leak detection
AquaTest T10
Robust test rod for electro-acoustic water leak detection outdoors
Stethophon 04
Compact listening device for water leak detection Wireless headphones with digital radio
SeCorr 300
Professional PC correlation - perfect results with completely digital technology
SeCorrPhon AC 06
Combined correlator and electro-acoustic water leak detector
SeCorr 08
Correlator for the computer-assisted detection of leaks
SePem 155
Noise logger for monitoring water pipe networks: sturdy – convenient – reliable
SePem 01 GSM
Highly-sensitive noise logger for the stationary monitoring of water supply networks and GSM module for data transmission
VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas
The specialist for leak detection with tracer gas and hydrogen
UT 830
UT 830 - Reliable pipe location
UT 9000
Reliable pipe location. easy – always – efficient
The standard in pipeline and cable detection
Combiphon system
Acoustic location of plastic pipes
Glass fibre probe system
Detection of non-metal pipes
FerroTec FT 10
Magnetometer for locating concealed objects: fast – convenient – precise
Valve box locator M 130
Metal detector for locating concealed objects in the supply network
Testing equipments SPE
for testing and adjustment of SEWERIN measuring devices
Flow analysis Mini-ZA
Mobile measuring system for quantifying water losses and water used for firefighting
Gas warning and gas measuring instrument for detecting toxic and flammable gases and oxygen
Multitec 520
Versatile multiple gas warning device for workplace monitoring