21.03.2016 | 

Meet the SEWERIN sales office team

We all know that behind every successful man is a strong woman. And behind the “frontmen” on the SEWERIN field sales team are six strong women and an equally strong man who are responsible for processing the individual orders, be it for new equipment or repair and maintenance services.

Under the leadership of Karen Balke-Fechner, each of the six sales engineers (SE) is assigned to a member of staff in the sales office (SO).

Furthermore, every member of staff in the sales office is, together with the four export managers, responsible for a range of international distribution partners. The sales office staff are primarily responsible for advising customers, both by telephone and email. They also create and send quotes, acquire and process orders and coordinate internal processes with regard to work scheduling and production. Once an order has been processed internally, the shipping documents and, in the case of exports, customs documents, are created and then invoices sent to the customer.