Approved SEWERIN Service Partners

The Sewerin name stands for quality and accuracy. That’s why our measuring devices are serviced and repaired either directly in-house by our central maintenance service or at our customers’ premises by our mobile maintenance service. This is how we guarantee perfect, durable functioning.

And that’s why it’s important to ensure that - even abroad - our measuring devices are only serviced and repaired by approved and certified service partners. Only trained specialist staff are able to service our precision measuring devices.

If a measuring device is opened by an unapproved body, any warranty claims will be void. Conversely, service partners approved by Sewerin are responsible for the proper functioning and safety of any devices they open.

Click here for a list of approved service partners.

Please also note the two different types of inspection sticker:

Service durch die Hermann Sewerin GmbH (Hersteller)

serviced by Hermann Sewerin GmbH (manufacturer)

Service durch einen autorisierten Servicepartner

serviced by an approved service partner